Friday, October 15, 2004

the tyranny of political correctness.

Political correctness versus science and democracy:

Globe & Mail article on gay population statistics

CTV article on gay population statistics

According to Statistics Canada, the gay population of Canada is only at around 1%, much lower than the 10% asserted by the gay community. The gay community has always tried to use the out-dated “10% of all men are gay” for propaganda, and has even been critical of attempts to research and publish the more reliable statistics. The 1% statistic from StatCan fits with other scientific surveys of the past decades from around the world, and a figure of around 1% was predicted by those who were familiar with the past survey results (from less than a percent to 3-4%). So it is no shock that it is not around 10%, like the propaganda insists. The gay community must have been aware of the facts for a long time and that is why they discouraged research to accumulate such statistics. Some critics of thesurvey think that the reason the census showed such a small gay population is because people are afraid to say they are gay in a telephone interview, or many who practice homosexual activity do not perceive themselves as gay. Those who have criticized the results have been gay rights advocates (see CTV article), so it is in their interests to discount the survey and lead the public to believe the old "10% of men are gay" myth.

The census results raise the issue of the status of the gay community as a minority. According to democratic principles, the Evangelical population is much larger and deserves much more recognition for its convictions in the legislation of Canada. The majority are not always right, but Canadian government policy and social order are now being controlled by special interest groups through the tyranny of political correctness. Special interest groups make the most noise and change society when the majority (or any other group) doesn't care enough to respond, or lives under the fear of the labels 'intolerant' or ‘homophobic.’ Just remember that during the next gay pride parade down main street.

Remember that the American Psychological Association (which is supposed to be scientific) changed its official view about homosexuality (from being a disorder to being normal) not because of new scientific discoveries, but because of pressure from the gay community. Once again proving that even in our ‘scientific’ age, political correctness is an even more powerful force.

Political correctness versus Biblical interpretation:

To determine which of the many Old Testament commands are applicable today, one must separate the ritual requirements from the moral. In some “gray” cases, this takes judgment and discernment (tattoos, Sabbath, etc.), in other cases it is clear. Homosexuality is obviously classified under a moral issue because it doesn’t relate to ritual, and there are a number of reasons to very easily condemn it on Biblical moral grounds (e.g. not God’s plan in Genesis, serves no natural purpose, does not fit into the biblical description of marriage and sexual practice). Can the 10 Commandments be divided into ritual and moral laws? The Adventists have a good point about the significance of the 7th day Sabbath, since it is included in the in the 10 Commandments.


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