Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Archeological find backs biblical account of Philistine city of Gat

The moat running around the ruins of the city of Gat that was to enforce the siege by King Hazael of Aram., August 17, 2005 -- New evidence regarding the bitter end of Gat, the largest and most important Philistine city, was recently unearthed at a dig at Tel Zafit near the Masmia intersection in the Lachish region. According to Kings II (12:18), Gat was conquered by King Hazael of Aram. He intended to capture Jerusalem as well, but King Jehoash of Judah saved the capital while losing treasure taken from the Temple (Kings II 14:14). Findings at the dig support the biblical version of Gat's demise as described in Kings II.

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