Thursday, October 21, 2004

Canadian court rulings based on radical ideology -- Court denies compensation to parents because a full term baby is not a human.

Copied from the site Irish Media Review:

A Canadian court has ruled that a full-term baby who died during childbirth was not a child, and therefore the parents were not due compensation for bereavement at her death.

The parents were awarded $60,000 damages for the negligence of their doctor, but were refused an additional $25m,000 for the loss of the baby girl, on the grounds that the law did not consider her a human being.

"The Supreme Court of Canada has determined that a fetus has no legal status until it is a child, born alive and viable," said the judge.

A lawyer for the organisation, REAL Women, criticised the court for adopting "radical feminist idealogy, which flies in the face of medical and scientific fact."
(From Alive! March 2001)
Does anyone have further details about this case?


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