Thursday, October 28, 2004

what is a “Christian mind?”

Popular evangelical author John Stott.

"What is a Christian mind? Let me tell you what it is not: the Christian mind is not a mind that is preoccupied with Christian or religious topics. It is rather a mind that is thinking about even the most “secular” topics from a Christian point of view. The Christian mind is not a mind that is preoccupied with churches and chapels, hymn books and prayer books, bibles and bishops, in other words, a whole cluster of religious topics. A Christian mind is a mind that is speaking the will of God in relation to our home and job, our community and citizenship, politics and economics, north-south inequality, human rights, the environment, unemployment, and other issues of social ethics. The Christian mind is the mind that is grappling with everything in our experience from a Christian perspective. A Christian mind is a Christian mind-set that has absorbed the totality of the biblical revelation." (John Stott)

More of his quotes at the John Stott Ministries website.


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