Monday, October 24, 2005

How To Score in Church

This article from Maxim Magazine advises that chuch is a great place to meet the opposite sex. Its advice on how to go about meeting a church-goer are humorous and while it probably serves to mock the church it actually reflects the thinking of a lot of young Christians.

I noticed a trend many years ago after being heavily involved in a Christian singles/college group where after people matched up and got married they stopped attending church all together. This trend only reinforced my suspicion that for many people church is only a place to meet the opposite sex. I've actually been bothered by this for a long time. Well at least it beats meeting people in bars because you get a better crowd ... even though the people in bars might be less hypocritical since its obvious why they are there unlike the pseudo-holy that hang out the co-ed prayer meetings hoping to score a date.


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