Sunday, October 17, 2004

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers...

"Those who bring cell phones to church are not committed to God," Escobedo said. "It's very distracting to be praying and suddenly hear birds chirping or techno music."

"There are still many people who don't understand that being at Mass is sharing a moment with God," said the Rev. Juan Jose Martinez, a spokesman for archdiocese. "Sadly, we had no other choice but to use these little gadgets."

Also installing jammers are universities, India's parliament, Tokyo theaters and commuter trains."

"In Italy, universities started using the blockers after discovering that cell phone-savvy teenagers were cheating on exams by sending text messages or taking pictures of tests."

"France's industry minister approved a decision to let cinemas, concert halls and theaters install them."

"Industry Canada, which regulates the country's telecommunications, decided against it, saying the devices could infringe on personal freedom and affect public safety."

Astronaut insists on aliens, God, and government conspiracy

Gordon Cooper in waiting room before a launch.

Gordon Cooper, one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts, passed away recently on Oct. 4, 2004. He strongly believed in extraterrestrials. He wrote a book called
Leap of Faith : An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown .

After retiring from NASA, Cooper was outspoken about what he believed to be a government cover-up of knowledge about extraterrestrial activity. He was quoted as saying, "For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists and astronauts. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us."

In his book Cooper said that as an Air Force pilot he chased UFOs while based in Germany in 1951.

I also found this bizarre quote from Cooper on the web:

"i had a camera crew who was working at edwards filming the installation of a precision landing [just out on the?], on the edge of the dry lake bed, when a small saucer flew over them, put down three landing gear and landed about 50 yards from them out on the lake bed. these cameramen proceeded to [head over?] towards the vehicle, filming all the time. it lifted up, put the gear back in the well and took off. they came to me and told me what had happened. i had to report it to the proper authorities in washington. in the meantime they were developing the film, brought the film to me when it was developed and i saw the film personally. i stuck it in a pouch and sent it to washington as ordered to do so, and that’s the last i saw of it." -- Col. Gordon Cooper, referring to an event of 1957 - 1958, Edwards Air Force Base, Mojave desert, California, STRANGE BUT TRUE? LIVE, July 1997

On Nov. 21 (I think 2000), ABC News had a “Chat with Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper” moderated by J. David. Gordon Cooper answered questions from various people via email. Here are some quotes from the chat that stood out for me:

Question: “Mr. Cooper, Does God fit anywhere in the belief in UFOs and ETs?”
Gordon Cooper: “I think God sits wherever. Whatever it is, God sits in the middle of it.”

Crop circles: “I believe some of them (crop circles) are for real, and some of them are fakes.”

Alien technology on earth: “I think the pyramids in Egypt and some in Central America are examples of a lot of very, very advanced technology, and I think it's very likely that that technology came from extraterrestrial sources.”

“If we look at Nikola Tesla, who was a genius about various power systems, one wonders if he was not given technology by extraterrestrials, or was perhaps an alien himself.”

Life on Mars: “I certainly hope that our manned mission to Mars will bring home some evidence of people who lived on Mars at some time past, if not presently. It would be very interesting to note remains of some civilization there.”

“I particularly would like to be in command of the first Mars mission.”

About God and evolution: “I'm inclined to swing in the direction that God created humans and we were, are, evolving. I'm certainly not saying that even reading the Bible we can deduce that we evolved, or that God created man. I swing more in the direction that God created man directly, whether on this earth or on some other planet.”

“I don't think I'm as much a scientist as an engineer, but I certainly believe in God.”

“I think that if we learn to become peaceful in this world, and stop all the warfare among nations, it might be a good start to encourage appearances by extraterrestrials.”

Space travel and technology: “I think we're fairly close to engineering an antigravity propulsion system, and in so doing, we may be lucky enough to create artificial gravity within the spacecraft.”

“I think the most promising developments are in the field of electromagnetic propulsion systems. If you're using electromagnetic propulsion systems, then you can utilize subatomic particles out in space, like neutrinos, as fuel.”

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