Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hollywood and the Vatican - A logical contradiction:

It seems like everybody is sad about the Pope’s passing while the #1 movie this past weekend in the US was “Sin City” that continues Hollywood’s demonization and marginalization of fundamentalist religious characters, including a Cardinal who is a cannibal, and who is in league with a serial killer who reads the Bible, a cross in just about every scene, the star of the film ripping a man’s penis off…

What’s with all the emotion over the Pope? How much does this world really care? Is the Vatican as much of a seductive Disneyland as Hollywood? Which is the real opiate of the masses? Well, at least its diverting the media’s attention away from Charles’ marriage to Camilla.
a poet in his heart
a poet in his mind
down a lonely street at night
the stars evade his sight