Thursday, October 28, 2004

what is a “Christian mind?”

Popular evangelical author John Stott.

"What is a Christian mind? Let me tell you what it is not: the Christian mind is not a mind that is preoccupied with Christian or religious topics. It is rather a mind that is thinking about even the most “secular” topics from a Christian point of view. The Christian mind is not a mind that is preoccupied with churches and chapels, hymn books and prayer books, bibles and bishops, in other words, a whole cluster of religious topics. A Christian mind is a mind that is speaking the will of God in relation to our home and job, our community and citizenship, politics and economics, north-south inequality, human rights, the environment, unemployment, and other issues of social ethics. The Christian mind is the mind that is grappling with everything in our experience from a Christian perspective. A Christian mind is a Christian mind-set that has absorbed the totality of the biblical revelation." (John Stott)

More of his quotes at the John Stott Ministries website.

nothing happens without collective cooperation

This is Noam Chomsky.
Author and prof of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT.
Many suspect he might be the most important thinker alive today.

"There's things you can do in groups you can't do by yourself. In fact, that's true of the most advanced sciences. Very little is done individually. It's usually done in groups by collective action and interchange and critique and challenge, with students typically playing an active and often critical role."

Chomsky cartoon