Sunday, April 10, 2005

Both US political parties are the same party.

George W. Bush consults with former president Clinton regarding foreign and domestic policy.

Some people are alarmed that a Republican president would consult with a former Democratic president, especially one that removed his own father from the white house.

This should come as no surprise, however, since the two American parties are identical in almost every way, except when it comes to slight differences in rhetoric. They have both tried to become the same party, which is the party that can win elections. There is only one imperative that both parties follow when determining foreign policy, and that is the question over what can be called "national security" (which is code for "American interests of any kind, in particular those that support and maintain US big business and oil companies"). This can range from blocking Canadian lumber, to acting unilaterally to take over another country.

Both American parties are the same when it comes to this. Bill Clinton has always supported the war in Afganistan and in Iraq. They are essentially the same party with different faces. There is no real democracy in the US because there are no viable options to vote for. Big business will never allow that to change because they will never throw their required corporate support (essential for any campiagn) behind a third party that will not promote their interests. Corporate support ruins a political party because it determines policy. Clinton, as a young governor, attended the Bilderberg conference were corporate and political support for him was confirmed. He later went on to lead the Democrats and win the presidency. And Both Bushes were born into and raised in corporate America.